Schizandra has been proven through many tests administered throughout the century to improve Mental capacity, concentration and memory on many different levels. In general, Its stimulation on the central nervous system gives your brain a renewed sense of focus, but Science has shown so much more in relation to what Schizandra actually can do for mental function. Due to it’s complex affect on the entire bodily system, it has the ability to increase overall work productivity.

In one study, Schizandra was also shown to improved tolerance to oxygen deficiency. In another study, the berry was shown to lower blood glucose after strenuous physical activity, which helped obtain overall mental and physical stability.

In two sets of experiments in the 1950’s, young telegraph operators were asked to transmit Morse code at maximum speed for a period of 5 min, and the frequency of errors was measured. It was concluded that Schizandra preparations prevent or reduce exhaustion related errors in a manner similar to that observed following treatment with Ginseng. When put up against a placebo, Schizandra was again found to be beneficial in preventing exhaustion related errors because when administered at a dose of 3.6 mg, error levels fell to 95% relative to the control, where the frequency of errors in the placebo group was estimated at 228%.

The effects of Schizandra on visual memory, dimensional imagination and perception, distribution and switch of attention, arterial blood pressure and frequency of heart contractions were evaluated through various experiments in the 1990’s in a placebo controlled study involving 59 stewardesses. Participants were tested before and after long haul (7–9h) flights and the results revealed that the administration of Schizandra significantly improved all of the assessed parameters.

As seen here, science has had an in depth look at the affect of Schizandra on Mental performance over the last century. These studies and many more have confirmed it’s incredible affect on all levels of mental capacity and function.