Lucidera Schizandra

The only 100% organic Schizandra extract, grown right here in the United States. Lucidera offers a beautiful Schizandra berry extract that is held to an elite standard in quality and ethics.

When you buy Schizandra from Lucidera, you are not only opting for a product that is leading the industry in quality. You can also be confident that you are making a choice that supports your local U.S. economy.

Lucidera’s berries grow and ripen on organic vines in Massachusetts and are hand picked at peak ripeness. Then using our patented extraction process we merge science and tradition to bring you the purity of this Live Schizandra Extract.

Our objective at Lucidera is to offer only the purest Schizandra experience. Inviting a vivid sense of beauty, focus, balance, and healing to every level of your of your body. Empower your awareness and expand into a more brilliant state of being.