What Is Schizandra?

Schizandra is a berry that has been used for thousands of years to enhance quality of life.

In your life, Schizandra will increase vitality, enhance longevity, and establish balance within your body. It isn’t just another super-fruit like Goji or Acai; Schizandra has always been used as medicine and held in the highest regard by every culture that has discovered it.

From a Western perspective, Schizandra has been the subject of countless studies and trials, revealing benefits that affect virtually every system of the body.

From an Eastern perspective, it brings balance and energy to all the five elements, the twelve meridians, and the three vital energies (jing, shen, and qi), promoting health and vitality in your entire body.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of this berry, including the results of research and trials that proved its effectiveness, read this article on the benefits of Schizandra.

Who Are We?

Here at Lucidera, we produce 100% organic American-grown Schizandra. We take pride in the quality of the Schizandra we produce and in the values we stand for as a business. In a world where health is bought and sold as if it were a commodity, we are happy to be able to supply you with more than just a name on a label. We do Schizandra—and only Schizandra—and we do it right.

Everything we do is about maintaining the highest standards for quality while constantly challenging ourselves to set the bar even higher. Everything that goes into Lucidera Schizandra is held to the highest standards of excellence. As the supplier of an elite product in the herbal industry, we keep the quality and efficacy of the Schizandra we provide you as our highest priority.

When we say we offer quality, this goes beyond just the product we sell. Quality means ensuring that our employees earn a living wage and that we work with businesses locally, here in the United States, and not overseas. Of course, the Schizandra has to be the best by every measure, and we achieve that by overseeing every stage of its life.

Lucidera is your source for Organic Schizandra, grown and produced with integrity, right here in the United States. When you order Schizandra from us, we work hard to exceed your highest expectations.

Why American-Grown Berries?

There is no shortage of news regarding pollution and contamination of organic products coming out of certain regions of the world.

One of the best reasons to choose American Schizandra is that you can know exactly where we are growing it for you. Our farm is in one of the most pristine areas of the United States and we take things beyond just Organic, working with the vegetation and the land itself to maintain pure, vibrant, healthy Schizandra vines in nutrient-rich soil. Our standards go far beyond what the USDA and the FDA require and are the absolute strictest with regard to purity and effectiveness.

In addition to the purity that comes from our Organic growing processes, we make best use of technology to ensure quality and freshness. Our technology enables us to pick the Schizandra berries at absolute peak ripeness, locking in that perfectly ripe berry to create the Lucidera Schizandra our customers love.

Our American-grown Schizandra is truly a benchmark in the herbal product world and is quickly gaining international recognition.

We are confident our Schizandra product is the best there is.

Begin your new life today with an enhanced state of well-being. Find out what Lucidera Schizandra can do for you.